Modeling Community Changes

Change & Innovation

We are changing

Change and innovation starts with ourselves, so we are working towards a transformation of our resources and materials. We want to better support individuals in their decision making as they participate in collaborative projects to develop sustainable communities.


Community building through:

  • A community-based approach to change and innovation
  • Creative solutions for community building that spark the innovative spirit
  • Resources for making collaboration much simpler and easier

Sharing & Learning

We believe in collaboration, so we focus on providing opportunities for networking, information sharing, and relationship building.

We facilitate community engagement activities where people can help each other out and keep learning, and we contribute to creating win-win opportunities and partnerships.


  • Innovation
  • Continuous learning
  • Value initiative
  • Respect


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Time for change

We Are Changing!

Change and innovation starts with ourselves, so we are working towards a transformation. Stay in touch! ...


Stay tuned to be a part of a collaborative project to bring change and innovation into everyone’s life.

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